How to become an author

For authors of their own texts, the Belarusian-language database “Belarus in Faces and Events” provides services for reviewing materials from the regional and local history areas using modern IT technologies

The National Library of Belarus accepts original author's materials for their placement on the website of the online encyclopedia “Belarus in faces and events”.

We cooperate on a voluntary, gratuitous basis, in accordance with an open license agreement (presented in the "Personal Account" on the "For Authors" tab).

If you wish to cooperate and agree to place your materials in the online encyclopedia, you must register on our website and create a "Personal Account".

In the "Personal Account" on the "For Authors" tab, we offer two options for submitting materials:

- Create a record (for specialists);

- Send file (simple form).

If you have experience in creating or maintaining electronic information resources, worked with factual data, or are interested in creating a factual record for an online encyclopedia, select "Create Record". Indicate the topic of the article (to whom or what it is dedicated to: a person or gentry family; team, event, etc.), fill out the "Add entry" form. Required fields are marked with *.

"Send a file" - a simple form where you must specify the name of the submitted material (the field is required *), give its description or necessary (in the opinion of the Author) explanations, attach a file (article, visual material, video, etc.) and indicate the source of information (photo from the family archive, autobiography, link to the site, etc.).

We wish you success!