To partners

The online encyclopedia "Belarus in Persons and events" is open for cooperation with individuals and legal entities.



The author of the articles can be any person who has original Belarusian materials, significant new facts about the past and present of our country.


The author can:

- create a new article;

- edit an existing article (add new facts, links, images);

- inform the moderator of the resource about an error in an existing article, about copyright infringement.


By registering on the platform, the author can publish their materials in a few clicks. You can register on the site and read the rules for publishing materials here.


All materials are moderated by the editors of the online encyclopedia.


Legal entities

Legal entities on the basis of the online encyclopedia platform are provided with a service for the creation, reliable storage, publication and promotion of author's content.


The rules for connecting and working on the platform can be defined in the cooperation agreement with the National Library of Belarus.